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Learning Resources

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Let’s Play Music constantly researches the best backing tracks on the web as well as creating bespoke videos to help you practice pieces you are learning in your lessons with us.

Please select which Learning Resources you would like to use:

Learning Resources

  • Guitar Backing Tracks

    Practice your improvising and lead playing skills covered in your guitar tuition with Let’s Play Guitar using our pick of backing tracks which cover many styles of music. Each track has the key and suggested scales to use.

  • Mode Backing Tracks

    Use these backing tracks to exorcise your mode playing and to gain a greater understanding of modes by applying what you have covered in your guitar tuition with Let’s Play Guitar. Each track has information on the mode, its intervals and chord harmonies.

  • Pieces & Exorcises

    We have created bespoke videos to allow you to play along with pieces and exorcises exactly as they are set out in your Let’s Play Guitar handouts.  These are invaluable tools especially for beginners and young players.

  • Drumming Backing Tracks

    Use these backing tracks to exorcise the skills you have learnt with Let’s Play Drums.  There are several different styles to improvise over and at a variety of tempo.

  • Songs Drumming Backing Tracks

    Here are some of our favorite commercial tracks with the drum track removed so you can be the drummer!  Learn your favorite pieces from start to finish and play it along with the rest of the band.

  • Hall Of Fame

    This is where our young students get to show off their skill by performing tunes that they have been working on in the lessons.

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