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Drumming Lessons in Cirencester & Cheltenham

One To One Private Lessons & Peripatetic Tuition in Schools
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Drumming Tuition Information

Drumming Lessons

Let’s Play Drums offers Private Drumming Lessons in Cirencester And Cheltenham from our teachers homes and peripatetic lessons in schools.

Drumm StudentFull time professional drumming teachers

  • Absolute beginner to Advanced
  • Adults of all ages welcome
  • Children from 5 or 6 years and up (See your teachers page for details).
  • Grades 1 to 8 available
  • Online Video resources

Drumming Lessons For Adults (All ages)

Everyone Can Learn The Drums!  Everyone is different and therefore requires a personal flexible approach.  We use our years of experience to create the perfect progression of learning For You.  This includes focusing on music styles you enjoy and learning your favourite pieces, all incorporated in a personalised learning programme design to get you where you want to be at your pace.

Drum Student 3Drumming Lessons For Children (5 years and up)

We believe learning the Drums should be FUN and that its al about motivation!  We engage students and keep learning relevant to them by teaching current modern songs and pieces that they know & love.  All pieces work hand in hand with the grade systems we teach and reinforce all technical elements required.  Our students are enthusiastic and eager to learn new pieces, they want to play at home and want to show off their skills to their friend.

Online Resources

Our online resources includes numerous backing tacks for students to play along to.  As well as helping to develop timing and expression this makes practice a thing of pleasure rather than a chore.

rock-school-accreditationRockSchool Drumming Grades

Grades Debute to Grade 8 Available.  Please see the tab at the top of this section for more details.

RockSchool Drum Qualifications

rock-school-accreditationFor those that would like to get their Drum Grades I teach the excellent RockSchool Syllabus.

Rockschool’s graded music exams provide an opportunity for candidates to work towards accredited qualifications, playing the music they love.


They assess progressive mastery on a musical instrument from Entry Level (Debut) up to Grade 8. Through reinforcing knowledge across all sections of the exam, they help candidates consolidate their learning and develop their skills in a more stimulating and enjoyable way.

For student in school and heading for higher education you can earn QFC Credit from Debut Grade and UCAS Points from grade 6.

There are two types of qualifications:
GradeBooksGrade Exam

Prepared Work – 3 performance pieces – 2 of which can be free choice pieces, Technical work.

Unprepared Work – Sight Reading or Improvisation, Ear tests, General Musicianship Questions.

Performance Certificate

Prepared Work – 5 performance pieces – 3 of which can be free choice pieces, Prepared work.

Both types of exam are accredited and receive UCAS points.


For more information on this go to or contact us.