Singing Teacher Tewkesbury

Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Punk & Contemporary Vocal Technique

Lindsay Martin
BA (Hons)

Full-Time Professional Vocal Coach

  • 30 MINS - £15
  • 1 HOUR - £30
Let’s Play Music - Singing Lessons


Vocal Coach Tewkesbury

  • Adults of all ages welcome
  • Children from 7 years and up
  • Absolute beginner to advanced
  • Grades 1 to 8 available
  • Online resources
  • DBS/ CRB checked

About Lindsay

Trinity Certificate for Music Educators (CME)
Higher Diploma Contemporary Music Performance: Vocals
HNC Music Production
Theatre Studies A & As Levels

Private Singing Lessons

I am a full time Tewkesbury Vocal Coach.  I teach private one to one singing lessons in my home studio and offer peripatetic teaching in schools throughout Tewkesbury and Cheltenham.

My studies at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildfrom gave me a solid understanding of music theory , harmony singing, backing vocals, stagecraft, vocal technique and vocal health.  I am always developing and furthering my knowledge.  My students benefit from both the structured education I have had and my real world knowledge and experience in bands and performing.

Singing Teacher For Adults (All ages)

Everyone Can Learn To Sing! Everyone is different and therefore requires a personal flexible approach.  I work with all kinds of singer who want to improve their technique and performance skills.  You might enjoy singing as a hobby, sing in bands, be involved in musical theater.  I can assess where you are, find out what you want to achieve and get you to where you want to be using music that you love and love to sing!

Singing Teacher For Children (7 years and up)

I believe learning Singing should be FUN and that its al about motivation! I engage students and keep learning relevant to them by teaching current modern songs and pieces that they know & love. All pieces work hand in hand with the grade systems I teach and reinforce all technical elements required. My students are enthusiastic and eager to learn new pieces, they want to sing at home and want to show off their skills to their friends.

Take Your Singing To The Next Level – I teach students how to shape and develop their voice, to control their breathing allowing them to sing higher, lower and longer. Develop pitch control and hit those notes!

Build Self Confidence – Learn performance techniques designed to encourage, motivate and empower students who can then take that confidence into other areas of their lives.

Sing Safe – Learn to sing with gusto without damaging / straining the vocal chords and delicate surrounding muscles.

Accredited Qualifications – I can prepare students for examinations in RockSchool Vocals syllabus. Qualifications are internationally recognised with UCAS points being awarded from grade 6.