Natural Minor (Aeolian)
Pentatonic Minor / Blues

Harmonic Minor Backing Tracks

The Harmonic Minor scale is a very useful little scale. Improvise over these tracks with Natural Minor, Pentatonic Minor or Blues and plug in the Harmonic Minor Scale over an altered 5th in a minor key, typically in natural minor when the minor 5 chord is altered to a major or dominant7 chord.

Can also be used to play over augmented chords and dominant 7 chords with sharp and or flat 5ths and 9ths.

Spelling:1 2 b3 4 5 b6 7 8
Chord Harmony:1m 2o 3M 4m 5M 6M 7M
Intervals:T ST T T ST T T
Indicator:1m 5M (Altered 5m to 5M)

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