Guitar Lessons Cirencester

Acoustic And Electric Guitar Tuition

Roi Geyari

Full-Time Professional Guitar Teacher

  • 30 MINS - £15
  • 1 HOUR - £30
Guitar Lessons Cirencester - Guitar Teacher Cirencester
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Guitar Lessons Cirencester - Guitar Teacher Cirencester


Guitar Lessons Cirencester

  • First Lesson Free!
  • Adults of all ages welcome
  • Children from 7 years and up
  • Absolute beginner to advanced
  • Grades 1 to 8 available
  • Online resources
  • RGT registered tutor
  • DBS / CRB checked

About Roi

I am a full-time Cirencester guitar teacher offering private Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons out of my home in the center of Cirencester.  All are welcome – from complete beginners taking their first steps, to advanced pros wishing to explore the instrument in even more detail.  I have endless patience and an endless flow of coffee / tea!  As well as offering private one to one lessons I also offer guitar tuition in primary and secondary schools.

Learning guitar should always be fun, fore and foremost! As a teacher I encourage my students to be themselves, to play the music that they love and are passionate about.  Children can learn modern up to date music to engage and inspire.  For adults the world is your oyster, from early 1900’s popular music, to 40’s and 50’s rhythm and blues, to modern day rock n’ roll and beyond.

I have been playing guitar for over 15 years.  An active performer I play as a solo artist in different festivals and venues, I also play with “The Daniel Billing Band”. We recorded a full length folk-rock album in August 2015 which was great fun.

My performance and composition experience has given me a real world understanding and approach to the guitar and my teaching. I can break down and teach a wide variety of techniques in a clear and practical way, how to play chords, lead improvisation, tunings, keys, song writing and musical theory.  I also encourage students development of their musical ear.  This not only makes the process of learning how to play a song much easier, but also paves the road towards creativity and musicianship!

As well as traditional chords, rhythm and lead playing I also teach specialist finger-picking technique to create a unique, diverse and adaptable sound. I have wide knowledge of American music history and the early performers of blues, gospel, ragtime, jazz and country. I also draw inspiration from numerous types of vernacular folk music, including Greek, Celtic and African.